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Custom Built Fishing Tools by Gene Turner
Custom Fishing Tools

Gene Turner Dehooker


Flip it over and use it a a billy club for obnoxious grouper.

For instructions, click here

Fish Dehooker

Keep your hands away from sharp teeth with this handy dehooker.

This tool has been used by both commercial and recreational fishermen for over 40 years.

The 'V' shape in the end is the perfect design to push a hook out of the side of the fish's mouth without getting your hand close to the teeth. The notch in the side is for flipping smaller fish off the hook without touching them with your hands.

Made of 1/4 inch aluminum bar stock with teak handles. This dehooker will last you for a lifetime.

Sabiki Dehooker

Don't handle that fragile bait that you spent the morning catching! Use this Sabiki dehooker to remove the bait from your Sabiki rig and let it drop straight into your live well without handling it.

Simply run the dehooker down the line until you get the crook of the hook in the dehooker's crook, then lift the dehooker until the bait drops off the hook.

Sabiki rig dehooker


Custom Hand gaff


Gene Turner Handi-Gaff

This short gaff is made for lifting those larger fish into the boat once you get them to the surface. We've used it for decades on grouper, small sharks, bonita, Spanish mackerel and other fish when you just dont want to grab your long gaff.

The handle is from two to three feet (they are custom made and none are exactly alike) and the hook is sized from a 10/0 big game hook as shown up to a two inch standard gaff hook.

The handle is cold molded teak with epoxy. The point in the end is for pushing line away from outdrives or your anchor line.

Chum Basket

This chum basket was designed by Gene Turner over 40 years ago for chumming the bottom when fishing for grouper. Clck here for more information on using this chum cage.


Chum Cage


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