Southern Charm Boating and Fishing Catalog

Lures and corks for inshore reds, specks, flounder, and lots of other species. (click on picture for a large view)

3 in 1 Cork rig

Three-in-one Cork Rig

This is a weighted ¼ oz. Popping cork rig which simultaneously performs 3 fish attracting actions when popped, the cork makes a slurping noise, the 2 glass beads surrounding the brass amplifier make a clicking noise and the spinnerblade above the snap swivel produces a flash. Uses 20 lb. Test black nylon covered wire.

Model X31 button

redfish and flounder rig

Redfish & Flounder Rig

The ½ oz. Egg sinker anchors this rig on the bottom while the in-line float raises the bait just off the bottom above the flounder in his strike zone. When live baitfish are used the float creates a rattlin’ sound. 20 lb. Test black nylon covered wire.

Colors are: red, yellow, green, and pink.

Model RFFbutton

suspended bottom rig

Suspended Bottom Rig

This rig has a 1-½ oz. Egg sinker that holds it on the bottom while the in-line float raises the bait 3 feet off the bottom in the suspended feeding zone of speckled trout and other gamefish. It also has 20 lb. Black nylon covered wire .

Comes in colors of: red, yellow, green and pink.

Model SBR button

nite blaster cork rig

Nite Blaster Cork Rig

This rig features a 4 inch pear shaped cork that is used when high visibilty is desired, much like the three-in- one cork rig it is multi-functional in fish attracting actions.

It has an exposed ½ oz. Eggsinker below the cork. Can be cast long distances. Great for night fishing and high glare days.

Comes in both red and yellow.

Model NBCR button


power rig

Power Rig

This rig is designed for big brute fish, it has heavy duty barrel & snap swivels. A 3 oz. Egg sinker anchors this rig down while a small in-line float raises the bait off the bottom for maximum hookset.

The Power Rig uses 45 lb. Blk nylon covered wire.

Comes incolors: red and yellow.

Model PR button

spin n' tail spinnerbaits

Spin n’ Tail Spinnerbaits (Reg. Style)

These are the safety pin type spinnerbaits, they come in 4 body shapes and 5 tail actions.

Model STSB-R button

Spin n' tail spinner bait

Spin n’ Tail Spinnerbaits (in-line series)

This is the Florida style spinnerbait , uses a 4 inch cocahoe curly tail minnow, comes in colors: pearl/ chart., pearl / red., chart. Mf / red., firecracker, blk shad , avocado red mf and limetreuse.

Model STSB-ILbutton

buzz n' tail buzzbait

Buzz n’ Tail Buzzbaits

This is a topwater with a plastic trailer. Comes in four colors and blade combos. Limettreuse / gold blade, avocado red mf / gold blade, blk shad / sil blade and firecracker / sil blade. Has a 1/8 oz. Bullet weight.

Model BTBB button

spoonthrasher buzzbait


Comes in gold and silver with matching buzz blade.

Flash feathered eagle claw treble hook. This is an all hardware type topwater buzzbait lure. Excellent over shallow flats and submerged grass. Use silver for specks and gold for redfish.

1/4 oz. Model STH-2
1/2 oz. Model STH-6 button

Devilish Duo Flounder Rig

Devilish Duo Lures

This is a tandem flounder rig which has a ¼ oz. Gold feather dressed spoon that when retrieved is running above the bottom creating flash to attract the flounder, then comes along the trailer, a shad plastic body bouncing off the bottom. Irresisitable!

Comes in 4 color combos: pearl /chart. Tail , pearl / red tail, avocado red mf and chart. Mf / red tail with matching spoon and feathers.

Model DDU button

Red Taker redfish lure

Red Taker

This is the ultimate redfish lure, it has a mag willow blade that produces flash and vibration and the unique shaped ½ oz. Gold spoon twist and wobbles on retrieve while the yel/ orange flash feathered treble hook has a waving action. This imitates a small croaker on the run!

Comes in only one needed color scheme.

Model RDT button

speckosis trout lure



  • Magnum Indiana Blade
  • Large Fish Scale Pattern
  • Large Red Beads
  • Nickel Trolling Spoon
  • Large Fish Scale Patter on Spoon
  • Feathered Treble Hook

This lure produces 3 simutaneous fish attracting movements when retreived:

  • The large Indiana blade produces maxinum flash and vibration
  • The trolling spoon waobbles slowly side to side, much like distrught bait fish.
  • The feathered treble hook makes a darting motion.
  • the red beads and red and white feathers represent blood
  • The gold decorative weight . placed in between the red beads on the spinner shaft adds more weight for longer cast and a deeper retreive,



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