Southern Charm Boating and Fishing Catalog

Boaters Friend Soap from Southern Charm

Our new Boaters Friend Soap™ is the ideal skin care product for everyone after a long day on the water.

This special blend is free of added colors, fragrances and other things that those with sensative skin do not want. Boaters Friend Soap™ can only be found here, at Southern Charm’s .

Time spent in the sun will rob your skin of moisture and will cause your skin to show age prematurely.

Our new skin care soap is designed with a moisture attracting formula:

  • High Quality, Moisture Attracting European Glycerin
  • Additional Shea Butter For Moisturizing
  • Skin Friendly Vitamin Rich Goat’s Milk
  • Aloe Vera For Extra Skin Regenerative Properties
  • Lathers Well
  • Rinses Clean
  • Wonderful Shaving Soap For Men and Women

Yacht sized 8 oz bars packed in a two-bar set!
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